Decorative / Frosted film

Privacy, design, modernity

Dr Tint offers a range of films for privacy, design and modernity, for your windows, display cases or office partitions. Whether frosted, translucent or opaque, all can be computer-cut to perfectly reproduce any shape, logo or design to suit your needs and décor.

Frosted privacy films

Our decorative frosted films are an excellent alternative to the elegance of frosted glass, which is usually quite expensive. Installing frosted film on your windows, display cases or office partitions preserves your privacy while letting in plenty of light. Computer-cut, frosted film comes in a wide range of shapes and styles, such as your logo or designs to match your décor. As a result, frosted films offer an inexpensive solution for modernizing your windows, display cases and office partitions without the high cost of glass replacement.

Design / Modern

We offer in-home installation of decorative or frosted film on your front door, bathroom or even your garden shed. The choice is yours.

  • Decorative film
  • Frosted Film
  • Translucent colored film
  • Patterned film
  • Frosted film die-cut

Questions / Answers

It will take 3 to 5 days for the moisture to evaporate, allowing perfect transparency to return.

It takes 30 to 45 days for the water to evaporate and return to perfect transparency.

1 week

Yes, but Dr Tint Vitres Teintées uses only top-quality film guaranteed for 10 years.

Simply use water and a damp microfiber.

Absolutely, the film is designed to see equally well with or without film.

Certainly, our films are designed for this type of window.

Our 8mill security mirror films are perfect for protecting you from window intruders and prying eyes.

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